Protection of personal data

1. Before making a Customer, the User must register at the Seller's Website OBDELEVEN.PRO, submitting the requested personal data at the time of registration.

2. Customer registration is confirmed automatically, indicated by e-mail. Sending the Customer's chosen username and password with the link, which the Customer will confirm and complete the successful registration, by sending an email.

3. The Customer agrees that the Seller has the right to process the Customer's personal data in the cases and for the purposes specified in these Rules.

4. The Seller confirms that the Customer's personal data will be used to identify the Customer when ordering the item, ordering the delivery of the goods and marketing purposes, unless the Customer submits a written request to not use his personal data for marketing purposes.

5. The Seller undertakes not to disclose Customer's personal data and order-related information to any third parties, except Seller's partners, who provide goods delivery and delivery or other orders related to the customer. In other cases, the Customer's personal data may be disclosed when required by the competent State institution in cases provided for in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania or separately with the written consent of the Client.

6. The seller undertakes to entrust the protection of the Customer's personal data in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

7. The Customer undertakes to keep his / her access to the Store data and not disclose any third party. In breach of this Clause of the Terms, all related responsibilities shall be incurred by the Customer. The Customer, having become aware of the disclosure of his login details, immediately inform the Seller thereof, which, in accordance with the Customer's notice, blocks the Customer's login. Regarding the reactivation of client registration, the parties agree on separately.